Lancôme Juicy Shakers | The Internet Made Me Do It

juicy shakers

juicy shakers

left to right: Meli Melon & Walk the Lime

This season bloggers everywhere were talking up Lancôme’s Juicy Shaker lip product ($21, Sephora)!  Juicy Shakers are lip oils (a peach kernel, sweet almond, cranberry, and muscat oil combo) infused with pigment – an addictive lip treat that truly nourishes the lips while adding shine and color.  Plus, there is a wide assortment of shades to choose from so #moreoptions for everyone!  All the internet hype really sold me and I couldn’t help but give Lancôme’s new product a try.

So, what do I think?  I LOVE THEM. My lips are soft and nourished when I wear these and the sponge applicator really makes it super simple to apply. No need for a mirror!  Plus, I find that the color lingers after the oil has dried down, leaving an even stain on the lips. Did I also mention that each color has a lovely, sweet scent? Yummy. The best part of it all is the packaging.  I love dirty martinis and the adorable mini cocktail shaker packaging truly speaks to my soul!

However, on exceptionally hot and humid days the oil infusion can feel odd and off-putting, almost as if my lips are sweating. Gross, I know…so I’d recommend reaching for something else on super Summer-y days. Also, these are not long-wearing.  If you’re looking for all-day color or dislike reapplying lip product, Juicy Shakers may not be for you.  But, if you enjoy soft sheer color and a nourishing alternative to lip balm that’s easy to wear, I’d highly recommend picking up a shade or two!

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Monthly Goals – August 2016

monthly goals / aug 2016

I can’t believe its August already…this year has really flown by! For some reason, I’m always in the mood to try and get my life in order around this time.  It always feels like it is the perfect month for a fresh new start.  I want to really hold myself accountable for the remainder of the year, which is why I’m going to share my monthly goals for August 2016. I don’t expect myself to be perfect but the best way to make a change is to make a move! So here it goes:

  1. Stay more organized at work.  There are a lot of moving parts in my job and daily tasks can quickly change from day to day.  I do a pretty good job at keeping on top of all my responsibilities, but I want to do better! I’ve recently purchased an agenda specifically for work to help me stay focused and organized.  I’ve even purchased some cute paperclips and washi tape to keep me motivated!
  2. Be more active on social media. I’m wanting to be more consistent in creating content for my blog.  I think a big aspect of having that consistency is to participate more in the blogging community.  Blogging is not a spectator sport! Admittedly, I’m still figuring out what works best for me and my schedule and which social media tools I actually want to use. It’s a work in progress!  The Buffer app is super useful and helping me find my blogging/social media groove.
  3. Read more. I’ve always been a reader but have found myself slacking off the past few years.  It truly makes me sad! Audiobooks are fine for non-fiction, but I miss getting wrapped up in a good fictional story. Last month I began reading Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld.  Yeah, I’m only a fraction of the way into the book…but I’m determined to finish it this month!
  4. Visit the Olbrich Botanical Gardens here in Madison.  I try to visit a couple time a year: once in the early Spring when everything is just starting to blossom and again in late summer to see how everything has changed.  It is gorgeous and relaxing at Olbrich.  I highly recommend visiting if you’re ever in the area.

I figured I would start out with a short, simple list and try to set myself up for success this month.  What are your monthly goals for August 2016?

p.s. If you like the look of my agenda, you can get your own here!

Warm-Weather Jewelry | Summer 2016 Edit

summer jewelrysummer jewelry

Lately, the heat and humidity have been intense and barely tolerable. It’s challenging to be fashionable when mother nature’s at her worst. And you wouldn’t think that jewelry could add to your misery when the heat is on…but let’s face it, an awesome statement necklace and an arm full of bangles can really weigh you down and add to your discomfort when you are sweaty as hell! It is so lovely when you can find appropriate warm-weather jewelry for extra yucky days.

A good idea is to think dainty when choosing which jewels to wear in high temps. Lightweight necklaces won’t stick to sweaty, dewy skin and are a cooler (literally) choice than chunky statement necklaces.  When it comes to earrings, a simple and dainty pair like these Anna Beck studs can be a good choice for warm-weather months.  Stacking bracelets is totally on trend right now and i’m all for it! But when it’s humid and gross, stacks of bangles might not be the most warm-weather appropriate option.  Instead choose one or two lightweight bangles with a charming detail, like this one from Kate Spade.  Another really nice option are the pura vida bracelets!

Two of my staple jewelry pieces this month are the pave bar and pave disc necklaces from Kate Spade. Both are super simple, chic, and add a little bit of poise and polish to even my most basic outfits. I enjoy wearing them separately or together, depending on my mood; and most importantly, these little gems aren’t a hassle to wear! Especially during these past few weeks of gross, sticky weather! Plus, I get the most compliments when I have these on and at $58 each, they’re totally affordable and a perfect pair to pick up any season.

What are you’re favorite warm-weather jewelry pieces?